Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pinoy Biz


Pinoy Biz is a business blog for Filipinos searching for extra income or a lifetime business.
This website can help them. Any filipino can have a business mentioned here in this site. I'll be glad to assist you co-Filipinos.

Recent News:

@vMobile: Be a retailer cards are still available..for P250.. contact me..rush.. limited only..

: To those wanting to be a dealer, text me so I can put you on schedule at the office. Please bring any ID for security purposes to get inside the Galleria Corporate Center. Send your schedules now at 09062349284. Thank You!

@Samerica & vMobile: To those interested in the business, and will be assisted by me, there will be a promo for you guys.

My Promo: Free DVD of 'The Secret', where you can learn the secrets in many businesses.


vMobile's main business is cellphone loading. There are other products aside from load. There are many ways to earn from this business.

Samerica business includes health products
. It is a marketing business with low capital. Beneficiary to those from Philippines. The business can be exported to other countries.

JPHF is an online matrix. You can start for only $3. Available for all.

PTCs, commonly known as Paid-to-Click, is available for all.


This site is a guide, and as well connecting people through business.
I assist people interested in the business included in my site.

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